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Welcome to the Superyacht Technology Conference – ‘SYTC2020’ " New dates coming soon".

The first ever conference dedicated purely to superyacht technology, inspiring global speakers and technology thinking leaders. Immersive hands on demos and workshops. Pure inspiring ‘TechTalks’ and knowledge sharing. A dedicated space for the industries tech buyers and providers to learn and be inspired.

Barcelona is a vibrant dynamic tech hub, leading thought innovation for a new generation of tech buyers. A city that reflects the ethos of SYTC 2020.

We have reached out to internationally recognised speakers from across the industry and from the world’s best Bluechip tech companies to bring you some of the most exciting Tech Talks to SYTC2020. Each talk will be restricted to 20mins; written words are banned and boring is simply not on the menu.

The workshops and our specially created Innovation Lab will demo some of the most exciting technology at the cutting edge of the market. Our workshops will let you speak directly to leading superyacht tech suppliers and leading global brands.

Our extended mingling sessions can be spent catching up with your fellow tech inspired delegates or exploring our innovation lab or demo pods.

” New dates coming soon”

We want to include solutions for the season, every attendee will get a SYTC2020 Blueprint, 250-page guide to superyacht technology and follow up via our attendee Newsletter. We believe the best way to get new tech sign off by the owner is to show them what you’ve seen and do this while they are on the yacht immersed in the superyacht environment. Why wait until Sep/Oct/Nov when the season ends and the owners go home? Get ahead of the Work-List.

Who will attend?

Tech buyers, such as ETO’S/AVIT/ITO officers, Captains, Engineers and technical crew, owner’s reps, shipyard purchasing managers, buyers and project managers. We have set aside an allocation of courtesy passes for TTI (Top Technology Influencers) and for our Principal/Ambassadors we will also provide free accommodation.

Our singular goal, to drive innovation and provide a dedicated space for inspirational technology.

So what is the SYTC?

The SYTC will be the first conference dedicated to superyacht technology, a totally new format with a TEDX/TALKS style including two celebrity speakers from the TEDX circuit and some major global tech players from Intellian to OneWeb (Space X competitor.) We are externally focused on brand leaders from outside the superyacht sector including Sony , Lufthansa and Samsung who will all be showcasing superyacht products or innovative ideas. For the first time you see AVIT/ETO on the main stage talking about day to day challenges in AVIT, alongside senior technical staff from management and a tech guru and superyacht owners. Do you know Joseph Adir? He sold 10 tech companies by the age of 30 and is now building the largest marine centre in Europe that is fully AI driven, straight from talking at Davos to world leaders who join the SYTC. We didn’t forget sailing with special presentation by the New Zeeland ambassador to launch the Americas Cup NZ.

Owners say: “Owning a superyacht can be an increasingly difficult conversation” we have a set down the green gauntlet with realistic talks on Hydrogen engines and the first solar superyacht.
Where is the SYTC?

The World Trade Centre Barcelona conference facility can host 300+ delegates and site at the heart of European superyacht sector, in addition to conference we have will build THE INNOVATION LAB. This is a custom built immersive tech space that will host workshops, coffee breaks and our Tapas Tech Lunch serving 1500 tapas daily.

Each speaker has 20min slot, we don’t allow written words on our slides, no panels, no forums and no Q & A as this is all done via our dedicated live APP.

Finally on the last night Thursday 2nd we will host a gala dinner and launch the SUPERYACHT TECHNOLOGY AWARDS, hosted in Monjuic park.


We would like to invite any technical staff and reach to out to your technical crew, ETO’s, AVIT officers and captains and 1st officers.
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What We Offer

20 speakers from across the international tech circuit, socialise and party together at the awards and afterparty!

International speakers from the technology circuit will join tech pioneers on the main stage.
Hosted in the INNOVATION LAB.<br /> leading companies in the superyacht sector, your chance to see new products and quiz the CEO’s and CTO of our most recognized brands from Kaleidescape and Intellian to Crestron and Riela Cybersecure.
Coffee Breaks is 4
Some say the best part of some conferences, we hope to change that but we know it’s a great chance to catch up with industry friends old and new.