Rufus Whiteford

Rufus Whiteford

WASSP multibeam

Water occupies around 71% of the Earth’s surface. But only about 5% of the world’s waters have been mapped with detailed bathymetric data (showing positioned depths). In other words, approximately 66% of the Earth’s waters are currently not mapped accurately enough for safe navigation.

Rufus has Maritime in his blood having lived on a Yacht his Father Built Cruising the East Coast of Australia (Sydney to Cairns) and New Zealand before the age of 10. Living on Waiheke Island in Auckland for School years where yacht racing became a passion to ultimately complete two years at the RNZYS Youth Training Scheme with the Claim to fame of once beating Russel Coutts in a Match Race, to the windward mark anyway.

Rufus has worked in the Marine industry since finishing University some 25 years both in New Zealand and Great Britten with a focus always on Electronics Technology with a wide variety of marine sectors covered from Survey UAV’s and fishing from Kayaks to Commercial Fishing Boats and Tankers with Room for Naval vessels and Superyachts along the way.

Safe Navigation at sea has always been at the core of my maritime passion and today I still get out and enjoy a yacht race or delivery cruise. It remains my Wife and I’s dream to retire and cruise the Oceans on our own yacht one day