Svein Ove Farstad

Svein Ove Farstad

General Manager for Sales and Market at Norwegian

Svein Ove Farstad is the General Manager for Sales and Market in Norwegian Electric Systems His 17 years of experience include roles as senior engineer, project manager, business development, sales and market in ship technology companies located  in world leading leading maritime clusters in Norway.

Started in NES in 2008 being involved in a number off complex and comprehensive projects internationally, further contributing to promote the companys new position in new markets after the offshore collapse in 2014/15.

Continuing the materialization off the vision for NES, making the company one off the global leaders in environmentally, efficient and safe solutions for a wide range off vessel.

Using their leading position in Norway, to among transform the propulsion and bridge systems for the next generation off zero emission ferries and being involved in R&D projects focus on tomorrows ESS and smart navigation for next generation vessels.

Throughout his whole carrier being involved in shipbuilding, started his career as worker at local shipyards in Norway. Through his education as engineer and further experience – the focus off quality, personal support and heritage off Norway being an innovative ocean tech supplier, has always been driving forces and motivation for him.