Noemie de Rozieres

[Head of Global Sales Maritime – OneWeb]

The New Space impact on superyacht connectivity

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JH Headshot2

Jon Harrison

[Vice President and General Manager at Intellian Technologies]

The Insatiable demand for data via Satellite, the tipping point

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Portrait of Theo Kalomirakis at Home, Brooklyn

Theo Kalomirakis

[Executive Director at Rayva Home Theaters ]

Designing private theater for yachts and beyond

Combining design with technology is a specialty. A home cinema should look good, but it must sound
good too. When designers design spaces for their clients to watch movies, TV, sports, pay video games,
etc. they should know what makes a home cinema perform well; speaker placement, room Isolation,
acoustic treatments, sightlines, use of design materials, lighting, HVAC integration, etc. are the tools in a
designer’s hands to create top-performing private entertainment spaces. During this presentation Theo
Kalomirakis will discuss what he has learned during his 30-year-long career designing award-winning
theaters: that when design and technology work hand-in-hand the results can be outstanding.


Rogier van der Heide

[Former Head of Innovation Phillips]

Convergence of technology: the holistic entertainment experience aboard.

With today’s technology, everything is possible. Countless suppliers advertise even more pieces of equipment. But all that technology would not matter when the user experience is not intuitive, pleasant, inspiring and “cool”. Moreover, access to great content that is always “new” and always aligned with your preferences remains the most important. Because without a great experience, technology is meaningless.

Join Rogier van der Heide during this talk, and get an expert view on the integration of media, light, interior design and intuitive interfaces. Get back in control with regards to technology and learn to utilize the latest developments to create exciting solutions that give both guests and crew a great time onboard.

Ivo Veldhuis-4

Ivo Veldhuis

[Joint talk with HOWARD LOWE

Can hydrogen really make zero emission yachts a reality?

Air pollution from ships is now a recognised problem that contributes to local air pollution and this issue has generated a new and growing movement of change in the marine industry, including the yachting sector. A popular solution, often discussed and mentioned in the industry’s press, is hydrogen as a marine fuel presenting the opportunity to create zero emission ships and yachts. This topic is highly complex, and Mayfair Marine will take you on a journey of discovery, dividing both facts from fiction, in this new and exciting topic of zero emission yacht design.


Howard Lowe

[Joint talk with IVO VELDHUIS

Can hydrogen really make zero emission yachts a reality?

Air pollution from ships is now a recognised problem that contributes to local air pollution and this issue has generated a new and growing movement of change in the marine industry, including the yachting sector. A popular solution, often discussed and mentioned in the industry’s press, is hydrogen as a marine fuel presenting the opportunity to create zero emission ships and yachts. This topic is highly complex, and Mayfair Marine will take you on a journey of discovery, dividing both facts from fiction, in this new and exciting topic of zero emission yacht design.


Feargus Bryant

[Technical Manager Edmiston]

Will new owners change the way we think about superyachts?

As millennials come of age and move into superyacht ownership they bring with them a new perspective on how they would like interact with the technology on board. Yacht owners and guests are now used to seamless levels of technology in everyday life and their experience on board is expected to match this, even in remote locations. Clients now expect the technology interfaces to be discrete and efficient. The technology that underpins a superyacht is a collection of inherently complicated systems and new superyacht owners are expecting their yachts to be run with the same intelligence of design and efficiency that has become the norm in shorebased life. System security and stability has become increasingly important on all systems to provide peace of mind for the owners and guests alike. Clients are now more informed about the impact of climate change, and are beginning to expect their yachts to reflect their commitment to environmental issues, All of these expectations will have an increasing impact on technology integration and we need to rethink how we approach systems design. We will explore these trends in detail and their impact on the superyacht.

Edwin Edelenbos - profile shot

Edwin Edelenbos

[Superyacht AV/IT Expert]

The Next Technology Frontier in Superyachting

Yachts are full of technology, complex systems that produce lots of data. We create dashboards, mimics, install countless blinking lights and set endless beeping alerts to try and stay on top of the complexity, but if we’re honest it’s really too much. Here’s a thought…Let’s add hundreds more sensors to the system and significantly increase the amount of data being produced. Is that not just insane? Well for a human it might be, be we invented machines that are way better than us humans at dealing with masses of data, so let’s put them to the best use possible. You may have heard the terms “IoT” ot “IIoT”, “Machine Learning” and “Artificial Intelligence”. They are often used in conjunction with the term “Industry 4.0”. There is widespread adoption of these technologies in many industries, however superyachts have yet to start making good use of them. What are these technologies, how do they apply to superyachts, and how can we benefit from them? In this talk Edwin will demystify these terms, offer examples of their application in other industries, and explain and how they can apply to superyachts.


Joseph Adir

[Founder & CEO of  WINTECH]


The Thinking Superyacht” – WINTECH manifestation of AI/ML

AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) is going to transform the way that superyachts operate. Currently, the industry can integrate IoTs and sensors connected to smart control systems onboard so that operators can get a full picture of the asset. AI/ML combined with IIoT and Edge ML can then be used to transform the integration from being a “Monitoring and Control System” to become a truly an intelligent BIG DATA accumulation and processing machine which will enable the optimisation of the systems onboard. From the Owner and Captain perspective, it will reduce the total cost of ownership and enhance the availability of the Superyacht. At the same time, for shipyards and their OEM Suppliers, it will enable in-depth analytical studies of the systems they are producing to a level never seen before.

will be presenting a live demo of its platform, addressing three critical operational areas where predictive analysis and maintenance can introduce a valuable disruption to the current status quo.

In 2017 Google’s CEO announced a Shift of the company to be defined as “AI First” when was asked to the meaning he responded saying that we want to predict 80% accurately and 20% wrong. WinTech will present and explain how “The Thinking Superyacht” platform will deliver the 80% accuracy, in its first generation.


Daniel Briggs

[ETO/AVIT 110meter+ & Consulting ETO/AVIT]

AVIT onboard and a vision for better future

We rely on superyacht owners to feel they are getting their money’s worth. In a society where we’re increasingly reliant on technology in almost every aspect of our lives, part of catering to our customers is making sure AVIT yacht systems feel natural and intuitive.


 Eric Stride

[Chief Technology Officer at Atlas Cybersecurity]

Cyber Crime in the Superyacht Industry

Cyber criminals have evolved, moving from targeting financial institutions and governments to developing niche practices targeting low risk high reward targets. The superyacht industry has increasingly entered into their crosshairs, where they regularly, and successfully, steal hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars by exploiting weaknesses throughout the industry, both on land and at sea. This presentation will cover how hackers have been targeting the superyacht industry, their tactics, techniques, and procedures, as well as how to build an effective cyber risk management program that combines cutting-edge technology, well trained personnel, and best practices in policies and procedures.


Niko Brasseur

[General Manager at A-Knowledge Crestron]

The next evolution in UI

Through the years, we have seen a lot of changes in user interfaces for superyachts. In today’s world, the expectations are very different than what they were 3, 5 and 12 years ago. And the owner’s needs are not identical to the needs of the ETO. So how do you create an experience that answers to everybody’s requirements?


Andrew Faiola


Connectivity: Where is the Future Taking Us?

Presented by Andrew Faiola, Head of Mobility, ST Engineering iDirect

The future of connectivity at sea is driving important changes on board vessels. As superyacht owners and guests seek an experience that is comparable to that at home, they will rely increasingly upon a seamless mix of technologies that will offer the optimal solution for the location of a vessel at any particular time in terms of throughput, reliability and also cost-effectiveness. Though satellite will play a key role due to its ability to connect anywhere, other important technologies will also be essential such as Wi-Max and cellular. The proliferation of devices and applications used on board is also driving greater symmetry in links. Moreover, the introduction of new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellations also brings its own set of benefits and challenges.

In this presentation from Andrew Faiola, Head of Mobility at ST Engineering iDirect, we will take a look at these three key trends in vessel connectivity. Andrew will examine how different technologies can work as one to create the hybrid connectivity mix of the future. He will also analyze the implications for the hardware on board superyachts resulting from the need for greater symmetry and take a look at what the impending launch of MEO and LEO satellite constellations will mean for those on board a vessel

rutger foto

Rutger Schaap

[From Sony]

TALK TITLE (Coming soon)

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Bjoern Scheidewig

[Solar Impact]

Development of renewable maritime mobility concepts

Particularly in the leisure yacht sector, the desire for self-sufficient, emission-free and sustainable mobility coupled with a modern and integrated management system for all networked components on board is emerging. Combined with a hull concept that demonstrably reduces the heeling and rolling on board, this results in a unique mobility solution not only for the individualist. With the SolarImpact 78 we do justice to this.
Our mission, the development of a fully electric SWATH hull (small-waterplane-area-twin-hull). The in-house development SolarImpact Yacht 78 serves as a showcase. A solar powered motor yacht in SWATH construction, which is designed for the Sea. Due to the SWATH hull the typical swinging can be minimized and seasickness is a thing of the past. In addition to this, the company’s focus is on engineering for SWATH concepts of all kinds. With this SolarImpact becomes part of the movement towards a sustainable maritime mobility.


David Savage 


Filling the gaps in Superyacht Innovation. The challenges, insights and predictions from a market leader in global emergency services critical applications.

What challenges has 34 years of providing Mission Critical Applications and Resilient Networks to global emergency services and government sectors thrown up as a new entrant in the Superyacht Market?

How can the Superyacht Industry, ahead of the curve with innovation in so many areas be so far behind in others?

Deep Blue

Ian Hornsby

[Yacht Data and Software Guru]

Information is a raw material: the Why What and How of data across the industry

Design and Paint make a yacht look great, but Data make it work.

Yachting is not ready for the next decade because, with today’s methods, the explosion of new technology will surpass our ability to manage it.

Using examples from the ghosts of Data Past, and sharing stories of Data Present, it will become clear that Future Data is going to need a more coherent approach.

Only we techs can create our industry standards and, in the absence of a body to define our data, we need to associate and share knowledge.

The message is collaboration through standards and integration.

Everyone in the audience is touched by this daily!

Rufus and Gareth Palma 2019-2

Rufus Whiteford

[WASSP multibeam ]

Live charting for a Safe Passage

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CMZ - Norway

Cheryl Zimmerman

[Director Farsounder]

The Evolution of Navigation Technology

The oceans are “our” frontier. Exploring them can be exhilarating. There is so much to discover. It is a dynamic environment that is ever changing. Navigating it safely is what keeps capains up at night. Much like how GPS and radar revolutionized the world of navigation, real-time forward looking sonar’s (FLS) is now the game changer.

Take a trip through time traversing the world’s oceans, as the evolution of FLS unfolds. There are currently many useful applications for FLS that mitigates the risks of exploration. That alone is ground-breaking. Learn about the vision the players in the field have for FLS.

As we look toward the future, many challenges could be solved with continued innovation. With this technology, areas of marine fisheries, crowd-sourced bathymetry, and post-disaster relief, for example, will benefit greatly in where this technology is headed.

Samsung_Thorsten_Kraus Zuschnitt

Thorsten Kraus

[Head of Broadcast & Cinema at Samsung Electronics Germany]

See the Greatness – Samsung The Wall

Samsung’s The Wall – brings groundbreaking visual technology on board of yachts and creates a luxury experience while out on the open see. It offers the ultimate luxury experience along with the highest image quality, optimized brightness and contrast, all in a sleek design that complements any superyacht aesthetic. The Wall is the pinnacle of display innovation and allows to transform a yacht into a cinema, an art gallery or an entertainment hub, completing any luxury space.

Svein Ove Farstad

Svein Ove Farstad

[General Manager for Sales and Market  Norwegian]

Energy Design & Smart control for Yachts

International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreed to reduce GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 compared with a 2008 baseline

Global shipping is changing in a profound way in order to meet new regulations and contributing to the environment in a positive way.

Some segments have already taking giants steps, and some countries and clusters are already introducing technology and solutions that will make a change.

Superyachts and Mega yachts is essence the the oceans best looking vessels, and it is all about good ship design and personell touch from the Owner.

What if we could think the same way when it comes to energy ?

We hereby introduce a new term “ENRGY DESIGN”….. continuing


As the technology and systems are getting more complex and integrated, the call for easier operation and intuitive HMI is more vital than ever.

Even if the technology is more complex , advanced and integrated – the operation and overview should be simpler – compare it with your smart phone.

Tomorrows captains and navigators will meet and learn new ways to sail and operate his vessel.

The number off systems to monitor and control will increase, hence is it important that he only is presented with the information relevant for this work.

Either to ensure minimized energy consumption, more effective saling routes, but also to make the sailing more safer

All off this can we relate to the term “SMART CONTROL”….. continuing

Gwen Head Shot Training Room Cropped

Gwen Benoit

[Naval Architect/Training Manager at Quantum Marine Stabilizers]

Fighting Motion in the Ocean – Ship Roll Analysis

There are many factors that affect the overall stabilization of a vessel. Learn about the science, key factors and metrics including:

 the importance of understanding your roll period and how it relates to the roll angle

 how the largest roll angles are at or near the natural roll period

 roll hydrostatics – the ship’s roll depends on the weight and GM (Metacentric Height)

You will gain insights on how to combat or negate a ship’s roll, resulting in greater comfort onboard!


Pippa Nicholas

[Yacht Projects International ]

The last 50 years

A light hearted look at The last 50 years in the Industry