Eric Stride

Chief Technology Officer at Atlas Cybersecurity

Eric Stride, a 17-year veteran leader in information security, including 12 years in the U.S. Air Force and at the National Security Agency (NSA), serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Atlas Cybersecurity. He is responsible for developing Atlas’ cutting-edge technical solutions, as well as managing its team of expert analysts. Eric brings significant technical and leadership experience throughout the domain of cyber operations, having led elite operational teams throughout the military and intelligence community. Eric is an alumnus of NSA’s prestigious Computer Network Operations Development Program. He has developed capabilities for both the military and the intelligence community. He co-authored the first U.S. Air Force weapons & tactics manual addressing offensive cyber operations and was the first Numbered-Air-Force level offensive cyber evaluator. Eric has spent the last 5 years using his knowledge of offensive operations to create innovative defensive strategies and technologies for the private sector.