Ian Hornsby

Yacht Data and Software Guru

Ian who originally trained in naval architecture later steered his career towards captaining yachts around the world. After fifteen years in command and managing several new builds and refits for private owners, he founded Hub Ware Ltd (formerly Techman) in 1998. Hub Ware Ltd now provides software and support to yachts from 30 to 130 metres and is present on board yachts from all of today’s quality shipyards. Ian’s inspiration has helped to steer the evolution of onboard ‘vessel management systems’, and he is now innovating the shoreside processes that help shipyards, managers, crew and owners to organise their new builds, refits and customer care. Recent missions include helping ICOMIA to define a standard format for refit work lists, and helping several very large yachts projects to meet their documentation challenges. Ian now divides his time between the Techman customer base and developing new products for mobility, collaboration and business efficiency.

Ian says “A yacht gets built just once… but it will go through many refits during its operational life. Understanding the whole build-operation-refit process helps captains, crews and managers to optimize value for the owner …”

“Building a yacht with refit in mind is key to delivering long-term value throughout its life. Collaborating efficiently around the technical and operational information helps to deliver that value. As we grasp the benefits of efficiently sourcing, sharing and updating information, we should be compelled to developing better standards for humans to interface with technology.”