Joseph Adir

Founder & CEO of WinterHaven

Joseph has been part of the yachting industry since 1992 when he became a licensed Yachtmaster and acquired a stake in a Chandlery and Yacht Brokerage business. His passion for yachting has grown over the years, and in 1999 he completed a full season of Yacht Racing inclusive of Fastnet 1999.


Having gained his professional experience in the high-tech industry for nearly 40 years, Joseph has kept his involvement in the yachting industry by his genuine passion for sailing and by 2014 started his direct involvement with the Superyachting Industry. For the last three years, Joseph has been devoted exclusively to developing the WinterHaven business model with a group of highly experienced team members and leading strategic partners pushing the envelope to its limit by introducing unique technological solutions, advanced IT platforms and innovative business models to address the real needs of the Superyachting Industry.


He started his career in the mid-’80s as a divisional manager providing repair and maintenance services to complex electronic systems and computers as well as providing data communication networks for banking institutions. Shortly after he set up his first company in 1988 providing Data Communication solutions to IBM followed by the creation of further subsidiaries and spinoffs all involved in providing advanced communication solutions inclusive of complex SoC’s.


Bringing together his technical knowledge and business experience, he continued his career in the UK as of 1999 with Orbcomm as a European MD, which at the time was the only satellite communication provider for asset tracking and control. In 2004 joined a team that was leading the DVBT revolution in Europe offering advanced SetTop Boxes and later Co-Founded a company to develop an SoC to address the integration of DVBT/IP/Video on a single SoC in joint development with IBM.


Joseph’s experience has also exposed him to the energy sector in 2008, and in 2010 when he co-founds two ventures, one in alternative energies (PV Greenhouses) and the other specialising in the provisioning of temporary mobile power “Utility Grade” for developing nations.


Joseph is a highly driven serial entrepreneur with vast experience and track record.